Guest Information

Hotel Address
kodō hotel

Direction to kodō hotel

  • From Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):
  • Start out by heading east on World Way.
  • Merge onto S Sepulveda Blvd/CA-1 N via the ramp to I-105.
  • Take the I-105 E ramp to Norwalk.
  • Merge onto I-105 E.
  • Continue onto I-110 N.
  • Take exit 20B for 8th St.
  • Turn left onto W 8th St.
  • Turn right onto S Santa Fe Ave.
  • Kodō Hotel will be on your right at 710 S Santa Fe Ave.


Fee Per Day: $50 
Purchase via the check-in link 
Parking is assigned by room number 
Unauthorized vehicles are subject to towing

If you’re arriving by Uber or Lyft, please use the front entrance located at 710 S Santa Fe Avenue. The parking lot for kodō hotel is situated at the back of the building. If you’re approaching from the front at 710 S Santa Fe Avenue, take a right turn down the alley, approximately 100 ft past the entrance at the corner, right before 7th Street. You’ll find the parking entrance at the second gate. We request that you park in the spot labeled with your room number and proceed to the hotel via the front entrance.  When you arrive please text or call us on (213) 262-9640 and we will greet and escort you from the parking lot to the main entrance.

WiFi Access

Network: kodo_hotel_guest
Password: GreatStay2023!

Digital Room Key


  1. Have your QR code ready. 
  2. Press “Touch Here” on the door panel. 
  3. Hold the QR code 1 inch from the sensor. 
  4. Upon beep turn the handle to open the door. 
  5. Use the “Share” button to save the link to your home screen and share the key with your fellow guest via text.  You may always access your QR code by clicking the link you received or screenshot and save it in your photo library. 

  6. Press the “Card” icon on the door panel to illuminate the numerical keypad. ⁣
  7. Enter the PIN code provided above, followed by the “#” symbol.⁣
  8. Upon beep turn the handle to open the door.⁣
  9. You may use this PIN code for the duration of your stay.⁣

Scan the QR Code in your room or text (213) 262-9640, providing name, room number, and stating “Checking Out”. 


Housekeeping room refresh is offered daily until 4 PM. 
Place the Do Not Disturb sign on your door to decline housekeeping. 
For any additional housekeeping requests scan the QR code in your room or text us at (213) 262-9640. 

Deliveries & Packages

We recommend packages be delivered to a local carrier center – FedEx, UPS, Amazon – for pickup.  kodō hotel is not responsible for handling of packages. 

You may order food delivery service and meet the driver in the front of the hotel.

Contact if you need to arrange for a delivery or for more information 


Check Out

Scan the QR Code in your room or text (213) 262-9640, providing name, room number, and stating “Checking Out”. 

You will be checked out on our system following room inspection and your security deposit will be released.

Contact Us

A contemporary approach to traditional concierge assistance.

At kodō hotel, we pride ourselves on embracing the latest advancements in hospitality, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for each of our guests.

Whether you’re in need of extra towels, local recommendations, or a late check out, simply scan the QR code below or text your request to (213) 262-9640.

Our dedicated team is on standby, ready to assist, ensuring your stay with us is both memorable and comfortable.